Hi, I'm Lydia Ume

I’m the freelance B2B writer behind Cocreate Consultant. I started Cocreate Consultant to provide B2B SaaS and Marketing companies with well-researched, search engine optimized and engaging blog posts for their websites.

The most common sentence I hear from clients is “Lydia, I have a ton of briefs but there’s no time to get it done.” My clients are usually aware of the benefits of SEO but their expertise does not extend to SEO writing and that’s where I come in.

I am a writer who thinks like a marketer. I stay up-to-date on SEO practices and I know how to turn an idea into an engaging story while ensuring that your ideal customers can find it on search engines.

My philosophy is that Writing is Design. I believe that there are opportunities in content to create a striking user experience with words as you would with design.  My interests in strategy, design and writing come together to ensure that every content I produce aligns with your business goals and provides solutions for the reader.

Satisfied Clients

Want to learn more about me?

  • I have a B.A in English Language and an M.A in Literature.
  • I began as a fiction writer but now I mostly publish non-fiction. Most of my pieces center on impact of art and technology on everyday life.
  • I worked full-time as a content producer for Tickled Media now known as theAsianParent Group. In my time there, I wrote over 300 articles on women’s health, lifestyle and parenting. It was my induction into content marketing.
  • I worked at a Marketing Agency as a content writer and worked my way up to Content Manager. It was exciting and gave me the chance to produce content for various industries like FinTech, Real Estate, Supply Chain, eCommerce and more!
  • I have a personal blog where I write about navigating work and life.
  • I love design! I am a UX enthusiast and I spend a lot of time reading about how to make the internet more accessible to everyone.
  •  When I’m not writing, I read. I love memoirs, romance novels and anything that makes me laugh.